The idea started as a weekend project of providing 50 backpacks to the homeless with toiletries, a towel, and a blanket. In May and June 2009, a few emails were sent to friends and family requesting their childrens used backpacks at the end of the school year and asking them to bring back any hotel toiletries that they did not use during their summer vacation. By mid-summer, 6 weeks later, the emails had spread like wildflower. Local schools and churches began collecting backpacks. Girl scouts went on a mission to do drives and collect the toiletries. Members of the community and church organizations joined our cause. We soon collected over 400 backpacks and enough toiletries to fill most of the backpacks.


Year 8:
Continue our efforts by providing basic humanitarian needs to underprivileged children and families and the homeless.  
Goal: Distribute 2,500 backpacks

Year 10:
Expand our efforts to provide books to Title 1 schools and help promote literacy among our youth.
Goal: Distribute 3,000 backpacks

Year 12:
Have our own facility to stock, store, assemble, and prepare backpacks for distribution.
Goal: Distribute 4,000 backpacks




Angel Backpack, Inc.

We are a non-profit organization under 501(c)(3), helping the needy and the homeless in our local communities. We ask for new or used "backpacks" to fill them with toiletries, a blanket, and a towel. We then deliver them as a token of hope to those who believe they've been forgotten.

We want all who receive our backpacks to know:

Isaiah 49:15-16
"I have not forgotten you, I have written your name on the palm of my hand."